WiLD Google Maps, WordPress Plugin

WiLD Googlemap is a WordPress Plugin which allows the creation and management of Google Maps on your site! Check the examples below and how it works to see what it can do for you!

You can have multiple maps on your pages and each map can have infinite markers!

You can also manage the map type, its size and which commands enable or disable!

Once you have created a map you can use our TinyMCE plugin to add it to your page.
The shortcode is really easy: just type [ gmap id="YOUR MAP ID" ] and you are done!

Check the How it works section to learn more about the Control Panel!


  • Geocoding marker placement
  • Map preview in real time
  • Multiple markers per map
  • Multiple maps per page
  • 92 marker icons included
  • Get directions link supported
  • TinyMCE plugin included
  • Works in posts, pages and sidebars

Sidebar Map

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